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SYNERBURG MATERIAL CO.,LTD. was teamed by experts who have strong lab and field experience on functional film materials and seal tapes for textile, medical and industrial applications. As a professional innovator and producer of functional film and seal tape products, we dedicate in developing excellent functions and reliable quality to turn your products into new level of value to create mutual success.


Industrial applications

To various industrial applications, we also developed several special engineered films for specific purposes. Flame retardant, Heat radiation blocking, UV cut, Durability to weather, Resistance to abrasion, Blackout to light and so on.

Textile applications

Nowadays, people are demanding for more protection and better comfortable functions from their daily use textile clothing. Functionality of fabric and components for apparel and footwear manufacturing are the key factors to success of items. Our special engineered films provide excellent performance of waterproof , windproof and breathable functions to enable your fabrics to be protective and comfortable materials, and our seam seal tapes help you to secure your final products in perfection of performance.

Any other applications

We also welcome any inquiry from any other applications such as advertising, construction and so on. Except of films and tapes, we also can provide film printing, film adhesive coating, and film lamination to fulfill your specific needs.


Casted Polyurethane Film

Casted Polyurethane Films are specially engineered for various applications. We supply the films in various thickness, colors and special properties such as flame retardancy, UV cutting and Heat Radiation Blocking…etc. to fulfill customer’s requirements.


1. Excellent Waterproof and Breathability
2. Excellent resistance to heat
3. Excellent texture and handling
4. Excellent presentation in colors

Customized Films

SYNERBURG Customized Films are series of film items which are developed for specific applications or puroses. Being the original film producer, our deep knowledge of our own materials ensure that we are able to deliver consistent best value to you.


1. Consistent excellent quality
2. Best developing capability
3. Absolute right for your application

Seam Sealing Tape

SYNERBURG Seam Sealing Tapes are engineered to perfectly secure waterproof function of your textile products. To meet your various needs, we offer wide range of tapes in 2 ply, 2.5 ply and 3 ply construction. The width and color of tapes can be customized as your requirements.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Film

SYNERBURG TPU Films are made of aromatic polyester or polyether urethane to provide outstanding strength and stability. To meet your applications, we supply TPU film in various thickness and types.


1. Excellent strength and stability.
2. Excellent waterproof and very good breathbility
3. Excellent resistance to abrasion
4. Ultra-sonic and Radio Frequency weldable


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